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The first mobile-first community platform

GraphDebate is a discussion platform that helps you build an active community on any device with unrivalled ergonomics.

Mobile optimized design

GraphDebate's interface is based on the essence of forum discussions, but adapted for mobile use.
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Create a GraphDebate community in just a few clicks!

GraphDebate works in concert with GraphComment, sharing the same administration space. You share your community for comments and forums. A single login for all services (SSO), a unified profile, a customizable domain

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Control your data

Your data remains totally yours. We manage them on high-capacity servers in France.

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More traffic

Innovative social interactions engage your readers, who come to discuss directly on your site because they are valued.

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Less moderation

Our unique voting system, weighted by member reputation, allows the community to work with you to maintain a constructive spirit in discussions.

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Recover your community

Our clever and exclusive social interaction tools bring your fans directly to your site from social networks.

Why choose GraphDebate?

Major publishers use them to feed and manage their discussion communities.

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Enriched 1st party data

Your data is permanently and easily accessible. We manage them on high-capacity servers in France.

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Frequency of use

Innovative social interactions engage your readers in discussion directly on your site, as they are highlighted.

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Sign-up and subscription

Our Top widget encourages 30% of readers to create an account so they can read the community's reactions.

An online community attached to your site

to help you reach and engage your readers, increase your revenues and promote your media

Doubled community
Frequency of use
(* up to x4 depending on media)
(* up to 60% depending on media)
Moderated comments per month
all you need

Everything you need to engage your audience

GraphDebate boasts the largest number of advanced features on the market. You can manage your community like never before!

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Custom domains
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Custom templating
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Search engine
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Real time
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Import API

Text, image, video, embed... express yourself fully!

GraphDebate perfectly manages all rich content to post ever more engaging topics. Settings let you activate everything or nothing.


Bubbleflow, a new way of interacting

You get the best of both worlds: classic chronological sorting for live discussion, and tree-based sorting with the latest-generation Bubble Flow for an overall view.


Start a community forum on our domain in just a few clicks.